Are you avoiding endings, or celebrating what is to come?

Jennifer Main
3 min readMay 24, 2022

The Closing of Eclipse Season: Practicing Resurrection

The past few weeks have been powerful, and if you have been doing ‘the work’ along the way, the healing and insights gained will have a profound effect on your world. Remember, the past 6 weeks have helped us to focus on what we value in our surroundings and daily experiences, as well as the deeper truths that motivate our choices and direction. These effect our ‘real world’ choices, in a grounded and tangible way, so avoidance isn’t really an option! (Nor should we wish for it!)

One of the big themes of Scorpio (the eclipse last week) is Death and Endings, which understandably can stir up some tension and fear for those who hold suffering in connection with these. But I would like to propose a new way of looking at these as we move towards a New Moon in Gemini (which helps us to perceive the world in new ways), and practices that can support this.

We can often focus on ‘death’ and endings as times that create suffering or loss. We can feel pulled down by the imagery, memories, feelings that we have connected with them. And we see death as an ultimate ending, one in which we cannot see beyond.

And so the answer to this is to Practice Resurrection.

We can only begin to understand a resurrection or new beginning if we are able to honour an ending. The reality is that if things did not end, we would not have the time or space for something new. And if we can honour the wisdom in a new experience, relationship, paradigm, and trust that it is being offered as a way to deeper alignment, we can celebrate an ending, and embrace the liminal space from one to the other.

You can visualise resurrection in any way that you choose. I find it useful to see it as a baptism, where we enter the water dirty, tired, worn. We spend time in the water moving, spinning, expanding, dancing, surrendering to the cleansing and washing away of the old. And we emerge again brighter, clearer, lighter, unburdened and prepared for a new phase, a new experience, a new way of being.

It is not that we lose everything, or that we are forced to give up what we value or love. This is an invitation to unburden ourselves from an ill-fitting identity, to strip away the labels, roles, and obligations. And to be a part of a divine initiation, guided by Soul and Dharma. So what are you waiting for?!

Take some time today to identify:

  • Which aspects of my ego/identity are already dying away that I am willing to release?
  • How could I perceive death/ending differently, that would bring me closer to the truth of these concepts?
  • When have endings benefitted me in the past (even if I was unable to recognise this in the moment)?
  • What new beginnings inspire me enough to be more willing to surrender the old, to create space for the new?

Remember that the most beautiful, powerful cycles in our lives involve conscious recognition of surrender and growth. As long as we avoid these, delay them, or push them aside, we stifle our own development as human beings. You can conscious choose to practice your own resurrection, and celebrate all that you are leaving behind. Visualise yourself moving through that process, inspired by what is to come, celebrating the process every step of the way!

-Jennifer ❤

*Join me online in ceremony on Monday evening (30 May, 7pm BST) and allow yourself to step out of the waters and into a new paradigm



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