Are you Dedicated or Obligated?

Jennifer Main
2 min readJun 7, 2021


I was interviewed last week for a new podcast (details to follow soon!), and we were discussing healthy boundaries, but more specifically about the power of choice. One of my greatest realisations over the years has been around understanding and applying your values as a way to manifest, and how this is the most empowering way to live. The more deeply you understand what contributes to the quality of life you desire, the easier it is to choose it every day.

It can be ‘easy’ to fall into patterns of avoidance, hiding, dismissal, and obligation. We can live roles as the ‘people pleaser’, the martyr, the aggressor, a massive spectrum of dysfunction and pain.

But when you dedicate yourself to a higher quality of life, relationship, way of thinking, you give yourself a focus, a path, a more loving way of living. When you dedicate yourself to your values, you release the old obligations so that you can align with more grace.

Points to Ponder:

*What do I value in life (ways of feeling, thinking, moving) that I am willing to choose more often?

*Which ways do I spend my time that contribute to happiness, fun, adventure, peace?

*Which relationships are virtuous, loving, kind, without obligation?

*Which obligations am I willing to surrender so that we can all evolve into higher versions of ourselves?

Allow yourself to step beyond your labels, to release the obligations. Recognise who you are without them. It is a much truer, authentic You. And begin to make choices from that place of freedom, liberation, and higher love. Your dedication will open your heart to a more divine way of living.



Jennifer Main

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