Are you swinging between polarities, or have you found Resonance between?

  • Which areas have I been too passive, and where have I overcorrected? Am I clear in what a healthy response could be?
  • Which areas am I struggling with because I feel confused, unclear? What would help me to learn more about what I truly value in this area?
  • Where is there conflict in my life? What ‘sides’ are fighting within me, and how could there be an understanding and peace? (Masculine/Feminine, Empowered/Disempowered, Fixed/Mutable, Passive/Aggressive, etc)
  • Which areas feel most healthy and aligned? How can I apply that clarity/resonance to other areas of my life?



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Jennifer Main

I serve as a catalyst for change, initiating artists, healers, & entrepreneurs to expand into uncharted territory by integrating ritual, practice, & flow