Are you tangled in the past or expanding in the present?

Over the past few weeks, I have had the most interesting dreams! Most of them have included places and people from my childhood and early adult years, with repeating themes and outcomes. It has been fascinating to witness how my subconscious mind is playing out what it feels is unresolved.

Pisces energy is often very dreamy, watery, illusory, and deep. And as you know, the deeper you go in a body of water, the darker it gets, the more pressure you feel. So when we dream, this is often a time for our mind to go fishing into the depths, to see what needs attention, understanding, or healing.

The image that I get whenever I meditate on these issues is an untangling. We know that when we pull cord or string that is tangled, we usually make it worse. If we try to untangle it too fast, without assessing, we just add to the mess.

So what I have been doing is allowing my mind and my energy to float in the watery energy and to untangle itself. And do you know what this requires? Surrender.

When a fisherman casts a net, there is an inherent trust that is applied, an allowing of the net to do its job. There has to be a surrender of control, of the push/pull, so that receiving is possible.

I would encourage you to sit in meditation over the next few days and weeks, allow your body and mind to relax, and simply witness what unravels, what unfolds, what simply resolves in this mutable energy. The energy is already moving, already working and evolving, so you can surrender to its wisdom and allow the obstacles and control to release.

As/before you meditate, ask yourself a few questions…

* What problems have I been wrestling with that have become more complicated?

* What have I been trying to force that is immovable?

* What could happen if I allowed the past to resolve instead of trying to control myself or others out of fear?

* What miracles can I find in Surrender?

Remember that the harder we push/pull the more resistance we meet. Breathe deep, sink in, and allow your intuition to carry you into something more moving, and more powerful. Trust the process.

*I’ll be holding ceremony online for the New Moon tonight (Wednesday) night, please join me!


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Jennifer Main

I serve as a catalyst for change, initiating artists, healers, & entrepreneurs to expand into uncharted territory by integrating ritual, practice, & flow