Does your Reality reflect your Values?

At the moment, things may be feeling a little intense, unsteady, or overwhelming. Now is the time to breathe deep, dig deep, and recognise that the discomfort or pain that is surfacing is simply what needs your attention right now. And as you address the issues being highlighted, you heal. Not through avoidance, running away, or sweeping things under the rug, but by embracing the opportunity to heal instead of hide. There is no way out, only through. And if you can embrace this, your life is going to feel much more manageable!

This week has a huge emphasis on quality of life, particularly embodied living, being present within your body, connecting with your movement, your feelings, your thoughts, your choices: everything that builds your personal reality. This is a time to move out of the ether, out of the dreamworld, and into the reality that you are creating. The focus is on you, and what you value enough to choose on a regular basis.

When we examine our routines and regular choices, there are always patterns weaving through. When we are in alignment, the patterns include the best of ourselves, and bring us into states of joy, fun, adventure, peace, whatever resonates with the truth of who we are. Or the patterns can be woven from our wounds, motivating us to choose more suffering, more pain, more drama, more discomfort. What are you weaving?

A few questions to support your enquiry…

*Which few daily/regular choices are creating the majority of your suffering?

*Which choices do you battle with, because you know it isn’t the highest choice, but it feels ‘easier’?

*What is the quality of your relationship with your surroundings? Do you feel at home at home? Do you feel nourished by the things that are meant to nourish (food, sleep, etc)? Do you feel like YOU in the way you present yourself, the way you dress, speak, share?

*What are you choosing from fear? What do your wounds tell you to choose? And what could you choose instead that would allow those wounds to heal?

We can invest energy in coping mechanisms, avoidance, seeking relief. Or we can alter a few habits, change a few patterns, and choose with more love, and witness our wounds heal, and our lives change. You are ready for a higher paradigm, a healthier reality. Allow yourself to embody it.



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Jennifer Main

I serve as a catalyst for change, initiating artists, healers, & entrepreneurs to expand into uncharted territory by integrating ritual, practice, & flow