Have you found your new rhythm?

Jennifer Main
2 min readJun 14, 2022


Expanding the Self

I have just returned from a long weekend in sunny Spain, and have been reminded of the importance of travel.

When we travel, we leave our comfort zones behind, what we know, our daily routines, along with many aspects of our identities. The little things that we use to reinforce who we believe we are, are disrupted, we are not able to rely on the hundreds of cues and reminders that would be present in daily routine and regular setting. Once these have been disrupted, there is more space for new potential, within the mind, body, spirit. And I feel that this is a major part of evolution-the ability to relinquish aspects and identities that have become too fixed, too confining, so that we are able to redefine and rediscover ourselves and new ‘worlds’.

Even having just a few days outside of my home, office, city disrupted patterns of eating, sleeping, working, consumption. I read different books, wore different clothes and shoes (which is a GREAT way to play with identity!), ate different food. I was able to try new dishes in new settings. I was able to sleep in the sun, and walk in the sand.

My mind and body moved into a different rhythm, which created space for new ideas and deeper inspiration.

While we may not all be able to hop on a plane today, we are able to travel energetically, within our minds, and within our towns and cities. The location is important, but what is more important is our willingness to disrupt ourselves and our fixed patterns…

A few things to consider over the coming days:

  • What could I change in my daily schedule that would invite fresh energy, insight, movement, flow into my world?
  • What could I read, study, delve into that would expand my mind in new ways? What knowledge and wisdom am I willing to deepen?
  • Instead of being defined by my surroundings, what if they could be a part of my experience, without limiting it?
  • Which aspects of my life/schedule have I clung to that have become stale, boring, simply a crutch? And how could things improve if I changed this?

Remember that “We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams”. But the music doesn’t play until we engage with the new rhythm, harmony, melody. This requires us to be willing to hear a new tune, dance a new way, to live in a higher vibration. And you are ready!

(Please feel free to join me this evening/watch the replay to discover the expanded, adventurous side of you!)



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