How are you navigating the Liminal Space?

Jennifer Main
2 min readJun 25, 2020

Periods of transition and change can often be the most unsettling of times. We can feel uncertain about the next step, afraid of the unknown, or worried that we’ll make the wrong decision.

The reality is that these liminal spaces, the space between who we were and who we will become, are actually pretty magical. These are the areas where we are least set in how things are supposed to be, and in what your life has to become. There is enough spaciousness within ourselves, our minds, our lives, for bigger movement, more stretching, deeper growth.

So while we are not in our comfort zones (which is often where your subconscious mind prefers to be) the reward for taking the risk will always outweigh the fear.

Your best option at these time, is not to hesitate, but to take the next step. Often, when we feel lost or overwhelmed, is it because a higher part of ourselves is telling us to keep moving, that we can no longer stay the same. Because we really cannot. We are not built to stay the same. We are forever in process, always in flow.

So today, I invite you into the heart of process, to wholeheartedly embrace the space between what you know and what you desire. And to allow the energy of the eclipses to help clear the way.

Breathe deep and surrender to the wisdom and divine flow within ❤

(I will be holding ceremony on 19 July to facilitate this initiatory process with you, to support you on your next big step through 2020)

The time to live your Calling is now. The time to embrace your evolution is in this moment! Will you?



Jennifer Main

I serve as a catalyst for change, initiating artists, healers, & entrepreneurs to expand into uncharted territory by integrating ritual, practice, & flow