How Effortless could your Life be?

Jennifer Main
3 min readFeb 14, 2023


Towards the end of last year, I began to write a series of blog posts on STER, and got a little sidetracked by eclipses, holiday season, etc. It was the perfect example of how we can lose focus and wander away from what we seek, even when it is right before us! So today, we continue to Effortlessness and the beauty that lies within. (If you’d like to catch up/refresh, you can read about STER, Selflessness, and Timelessness via links within)

For just a moment, close your eyes and play with the word effortless

Notice its qualities in your mouth, in your mind, through your body, your senses…

Even just pondering the qualities of this word and the sensations associated begin to bring you into a state of peace, calm, release, surrender. It actually feels pretty blissful!

So why do we move away from it so often, so easily?

If you’re anything like me, you are used to trying hard, doing, striving, pushing, making things happen. I learned this growing up, and was proud of being this way for many years. And then I began to learn that there are other ways. And despite knowing, I find that I can slip back into those familiar ways of thinking and reacting. And being effortless feels as though it isn’t effortless.

But that’s the contradiction, the mistaken thinking. Our natural state is a state of being, with flow, grace, lightness. Not in a way that denotes passively accepting everything that could happen. But with a faith and trust that when we align from within, life moves with us, instead of against.

Effortless does not mean absent. It means existing in the moment, a conscious part of the alchemy present, playing with the elements, dancing to the beat, singing along, experiencing the joy of co-creating with existence.

The work comes as we seek alignment, set boundaries that contribute to living our values, choosing relationships that bring out the best in us. And as we step into the flow these create, we feel more bouyed, supported, a part of the majesty of life. And the effort becomes easier.

Take some time today to meditate on a few ideas, and witness what releases within, creating spaciousness for effortlessness…

  • Where have I been pushing against barriers, walls, time, myself?
  • Where have I become overly passive, and lost the flow within my life?
  • What could happen if I stopped pushing, even for a moment, a day, a week?
  • Where has my focus and desire turned to blinkered and controlled? What practice, idea, experience could help me to soften?

Remember that there is a fine line between effort and exertion, and as we learn to build healthy foundations, the flow of creation and life can work through us, with love and grace. Allow yourself to play in the liminal, to soften your edges, and create a way of being that works for YOU!

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about Effortlessness or the components of STER, please join us online this Wednesday evening, for our Intro to Flow States! And to really go deep, you are welcome to join me for Form & Flow, online in March!



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