Transcending Time, entering the Eternal

Jennifer Main
2 min readOct 20, 2022


Today, I wanted to continue our deep dive into STER, and more specifically on the concept of Timelessness.

Have you ever experienced a moment that stretched out longer than it ‘should’? We often have days that go by in a flash, or hours that drag on. Usually this relates to the activities we are engaged in, where our focus lies, the ways we are using our time, and how connected/resonant we feel in those moments…

But I want you to focus on the small moments where time stood still, where life slowed down, maybe colours were brighter, sound was deeper, where you were so IN the moment, that that was all that existed.

So many of us are looking at ourselves from the outside. Recalling a memory is like watching a movie, where we witness what we remember, but it may feel outside of us, as though it could have happened to anyone. This is usually happening because we are so caught up in the drama of our fears, looking back at the past, or avoiding the future, that we disconnect from what is happening in the present moment. And when that happens, we lose the ability to respond instead of react, or to consciously communicate, in a healthy, authentic way.

When we operate outside of the present moment, we forget who we are.

Those small moments where time seems to stand still, and are often profound or mystical, disrupt the habitual reactions, so that you can return home. Your true self, the Soul, exists beyond this lifetime, beyond this plane. So every time we bring awareness back to the Present, we reconnect with timelessness, and the eternal.

Take a few minutes to simply breathe, and bring your focus to the eternal You. Meditate on a few questions:

  • What is eternally true about me as a Soul, a divine being?
  • Which gifts do I carry from lifetime to lifetime?
  • How does my struggle with Time stop me from transcending it, from being in the Now?
  • Which practices could I use each day that bring my focus back to the Present?

Remember that Now, the Present Moment, is the gateway to eternity. It is where we access wisdom, grace, and higher truth. How could your life change if you continued to return to the Eternal?

P.S. We have a whole day dedicated to Flow and STER, this Saturday, 22 October in Edinburgh. This is an opportunity to remember the eternal within, and you are welcome to join us!



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