Which Virtues do you Choose to Live?

Jennifer Main
3 min readNov 28, 2022


Hello beautiful beings, I’ve just finished teaching a group of awesome souls over the weekend, and am feeling energised and inspired! These occasions bring me back to evaluating what inspires me, a reminder to continue to build my life around ideals, events, and people that contribute to what I value.

I spoke in class yesterday about three words or qualities that continue to be a part of this, year after year: Vision, Wisdom, & Wonder

I have been interviewing and learning from a few incredible people over the past month (I’ll be sharing more in the near future), and was fortunate enough to spend a few hours with Davide de Angelis last week, delving into the meaning of what it means to be a Visionary. He has built his life around his great capacity to live and create art through this ability. Having this ability means that we are able to see into the future, and to be inspired by what lies beyond our current circumstances, enabling us to create beyond the known. It requires courage, detachment, and a pioneering spirit, which can lead us into a brighter, more interesting, and more magnificent future.

Wisdom has driven me throughout my life to study, learn, and to expand beyond the mind. True wisdom requires us to be open to new perspectives and experiences, so that we are able to deeply embody what we witness. During Sagittarius Season, we are encouraged to step outside of our comfort zones, to seek mastery, and to become ‘the guru’, in the highest sense of the word. Over the next few weeks, we are better able to expand out of the limited past, and into our higher aspects and purposes. Take the leap!

And who does not want more Wonder in their lives? When we stay too still, we become bored, disenchanted, and feel flat, as we witness the same cycling over and over again. When we tap into something new or newly interesting, we are inspired to explore life, to play in possibility, and we recognise that life and existence is vast, beautiful, incredible. Allow your curiousity to ignite that sense of wonder within you, as you learn and evolve in unexpected ways. And have fun!

We are reaching the end of a season, the end of a year, and we often feel inspired to reassess our circumstances and priorities. I would encourage you to flow with this, and begin to feel into which 2–3 words could guide you into new territory, and your higher potential.

Spend some time over the coming days and weeks in meditation, asking yourself:

  • What am I curious about that I could dedicate time to studying, learning, experiencing, exploring on a regular basis?
  • What is my vision for the future? Is it as magnificent as it could be? Could my vision expand, grow, evolve?
  • Where am I lacking in wisdom? Which patterns or beliefs could I surrender to create space for more?
  • Which qualities or virtues speak to me, and how could I live them in my daily life?

Remember that your life is what you create. And when you identify what makes you sing, dance, love, expand, it can guide you in beautiful ways. Step out of the known, and into new possibility, and witness your world change.

**We will be tapping into aspects of this, awakening gifts within, and living your virtues this weekend during the Crystal Remote Viewing Course (in Glasgow). You are very welcome to join us (along with our Monthly Meditation the evening before)



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